Shiny Sparks: W.E. DeVore

I’m so excited to have the Shiny Sparks article series back in the blog rotation. I love learning about and discussing the different ways creative people stay connected to that inner spark. This week’s installment is a treat. Her Instagram feed inspires me, so I reached out and asked her to be a part of Shiny Sparks and was delighted when she accepted.

Thanks again, W.E. for being a part of the Shiny Sparks series!



What helps you live life consciously (versus on ‘auto pilot’)?

A few years ago, I was deeply unhappy and unhealthy and realized how much of my life I was letting happen to me, rather than taking an active role in my own emotional and physical well-being. So, now that I’m happy and healthy again, I take time for myself every day, even if it’s just 30 minutes of yoga or a quick writing session with my morning coffee. Those few minutes let me take stock of my needs and keep me present throughout the day. I also try to say ‘yes’ to things that inspire a sense of curiosity or adventure. One of those things is what my son and I call ‘Serendipity Days,’ which involves getting into the car and seeing what the Universe and Louisiana have to offer in the way of fun for the day. We’ve stumbled onto parades, inspirational street graffiti, and swan paddle boats, just by stepping outside our front door and our comfort zone whenever the mood strikes us. It’s hard to switch on auto-pilot when you don’t necessarily know where you’re going and it keeps me aware of what a magical place the world can be when you’re open to discovery and wonderment.


W.E. DeVore is a musician, audio engineer, and sometimes rock star babysitter, who has been fortunate to know some of the most entertaining and unique individuals that seem to only grow from the Louisiana soil. She’s also experienced some things that a nice Jewish girl from Montana probably shouldn’t know about – but it does make excellent fodder for a little fiction. DeVore has lived in Southeast Louisiana for the last two decades and currently lives in Baton Rouge, although her heart will always be in New Orleans – dirty, sweaty, crime-ridden, music-filled wonderland that it is. Her published works are available on Amazon and include That Old Devil Sin, Devil Take Me Down, Chasing Those Devil Bones, The Devil’s Luck, and Until the Devil Weeps. She is currently working on the sixth book of the Clementine Toledano Mysteries.

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