Write to Change Your World: Live Intuitive Journaling Workshop

Thursday, June 1st at 7:30 p.m. CT 'Write to Change Your World' is an Intuitive Journaling Workshop. We'll gather together on Zoom for an interactive, expansive, and heart-opening evening of consciousness, a guided meditation, and guided journaling exercises. What is Intuitive Journaling? Intuitive Journaling is writing from a space of no judgment. Intuitive Journaling will... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter to My Inner Creator

For a long time, I wasn’t aware of your existence. Now I look back and I can see the perpetual protection and guidance you’ve provided. For a long time, I thought of you as an external force: something achieved only by those with special gifts or skills I viewed as unachievable. For a long time... Continue Reading →

Us and Them

I should say upfront that I’m one of those people. I believe in and seek out spirituality. This takes the form of Astrology, Angels, Earth energy, ancient religious/spiritual texts, and energy healing. I don’t just believe in them, I use many of these tools to navigate my life. I’ve tried some crazy things on the... Continue Reading →

My Crowdsourced Life

I want to talk about community. The dictionary defines community as: A unified body of individuals a social state or condition There is an alleged consciousness behind it. And the word togetherness: warm fellowship, as among members of a family the quality, state, or condition of being together Ideas that sound easy enough on paper,... Continue Reading →

On being “good”

My daughter ran over to me, excited. "Mommy, mommy! Toodles is coming tonight!" "Who is Toodles?" I asked, perfectly aware that she was talking about her cousin's Elf from the popular trend Elf of the Shelf. "Toodles the Elf!" "Do you know why Toodles comes to their house?" "He makes sure that they are good... Continue Reading →

Eczema, Humility, and Strength

My son turned 1 at the end of August, and my daughter will be 5 years old on Thursday. First of all, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Right!? My daughter is a giant now and my son is almost walking. I'm thinking about milestones and the quick pace of life, which is baffling.  My son's... Continue Reading →

I’m so glad you called.

I've been thinking a lot about soul mates. My understanding of soul mates is a broad definition, and not limited to romantic partnerships. I was in a class about this subject last week and during a workshop, we were asked to rank how much we love the people in our life. It isn't as cutthroat... Continue Reading →


I have seen Columbia in my dreams. This homeland, or fatherland, is part of my DNA. I haven’t seen Columbia in person, though, so I can only draw upon pop culture images that beckon lush mountains and green rainforests. I have seen Columbia from the inside. Columbia, for now, is my father’s deep chestnut eyes,... Continue Reading →

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