Where are your from?

The first week that I was an Uber driver, I learned that my problems are small. And being an Uber driver is a nightly adventure in surprising ways. For example, you could potentially get your first ride of the night while sitting in your driveway. An hour later, you could be on the complete opposite... Continue Reading →

He and I

He adds items to our luggage after I think we are finished packing for a trip. I say we won’t need it. I say we should pack light. I always say that. I tire easily when preparing for a trip. My excitement usually peaks, then crashes into irritability and fatigue right before we start to... Continue Reading →

This Morning in the Kitchen

  "Look, Mommy! Dust molecules!”   I hadn’t noticed the floating dots.   I hadn’t seen them until you galloped through You, fresh creature, illuminating the specks You danced together   I swear I saw a flash of light not originally a part of the sun shaft as you gamboled, cheerful and delighted   Delightful... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play!

Here are some fun prompts to write about.  Use them to connect to your Inner Child, have fun, lighten up, and create some magic. Ask: What age would I like to be today? Write a letter to your grown-up self with love from your 5 year-old self. Laugh at your adult-ness.  Try a rhyming haiku.... Continue Reading →

The trees here tell a story. Old and New, white birch bark and neon leaves rub shoulders with their giant partners of prickle needles on trunks as old as the planet, all connected by their roots.  The older ones whisper the secrets to the new ones. They rise together and claim their land, they teach... Continue Reading →

Workshops and Monthly Packages

​​ I invite you to join me for an expansive workshop on Sunday, June 25th at 1pm CST. 'Write to Change Your World' is an Intuitive Journaling Workshop. What is Intuitive Journaling? Intuitive Journaling will help you clear your past, heal in order to expand and open the channels of writing and creation for YOU -... Continue Reading →

Starting Over

The accident happened on a sunny morning in September of 2009. I was forced to start over. I was forced to start over on a Tuesday. I had gotten up earlier than usual that morning. I was working as a freelance costume designer, and I was feeling behind on the project. I awoke nervous and... Continue Reading →

6 Boys

Sitting on the steps of my porch this evening, I watched 5 black boys walk by in a group Talking, laughing, backpacks and headphones They sounded young but looked tall. They looked like men. I watched them talk and joke, roast How did these boys meet and become friends? Who in the group is the... Continue Reading →

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