I’m Cristee.

What is My Circle Game?

 We’re born into this life with a family, certain traits, a personality, and talents. We’re all playing the same game: learning how we fit into the world,  and how to build a better world through our actions and intentions. Our challenges are different: some of us struggle with relationships, or finances, or self-acceptance. Some of us have health problems, depression, or anxiety. Many of us use tools to manage and ultimately change our personal tests, only for them to show up in our life again and again. That’s our personal circle game. Whatever our challenges, we’re all looking for ways to live our best life.

Here I share my journey of transformation through spiritual practice – a life aimed at co-creation, connection to the universe, and a heart-centered approach to parenting and relationships. This is my personal circle game, and I hope that by sharing it with others, I will bring more light to the world.

When I’m not writing, I’m a Mom, Wife, Friend, and active Volunteer. I live in Texas with my husband, 2 kiddos, and our pancake-colored dog, Buddy.

Thanks for being here and for being you.


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