Shiny Sparks: W.E. DeVore

I'm so excited to have the Shiny Sparks article series back in the blog rotation. I love learning about and discussing the different ways creative people stay connected to that inner spark. This week's installment is a treat. Her Instagram feed inspires me, so I reached out and asked her to be a part of [...]

Get your kids reading this summer

Summer reading programs are a great way to keep your kids reading this Summer. When you sign up for a reading program, you offer them an incentive to read during months when they're not thinking about school. One of my children happens to be an avid reader, but not all kids are. These summer reading [...]

When friends become “connections”

A few weeks ago, I saw some old friends. I hadn’t seen them in a few years, and as we were catching up, I mentioned a recent change my son had gone through. “Oh yeah,” one of them said, “I saw that…” No congratulations were offered, no questions asked. My news was old news. For [...]

Our favorite books of poetry for kids

I’ve been working on a big poetry based project, and so I was inspired to pick up some poetry books for my kids at the library last week. We have enjoyed reading them. We giggle a lot, the poems often prompt questions from my children, and they want to repeat and recite their favorite parts. [...]

Shiny Sparks: Adriana Morales

A few months back I posted a weekly article series about inspiration in which I explore what keeps us connected to our creative spark and how we maintain a lifestyle that is generative and fulfilling. This is one of my favorite topics of discussion. I love learning about how people I admire are inspired, and it is [...]

Random Acts of Kindness

I don't know about any of you, but I feel like the summer season is flying by. I was taken aback when I looked up from my life this week and realized that we're already halfway through the year. This year has had it's ups and downs for my family, but overall, 2019 has been [...]

No Takebacks

“I’ll trade you my Barbie for 2 of your My Little Ponies.” “Ok, but you can’t have Twilight Pegasus.” “Well you can’t have Barbie and The Rockers, just one of the regular ones.” “Ok.” “Ok.” “No takebacks!” My sister and I championed this phrase. It was our secret handshake. Then, when we were older: “I [...]