Graduate Thesis

I hired Cristee to edit and proofread my Thesis paper for my M.F.A. Honestly when she returned her feedback I was a little overwhelmed because she was so thorough, and she saw things that I hadn’t considered. I took her advice though, and because of her honest and frank suggestions, I believe my paper turned out so much better than I had originally thought. I was so happy with her services.

  • J. Robbins

Young Adult Novel

Cristee edited and proofread my manuscript for my Young Adult Novel, Classmates. She did a great job. I asked her to provide feedback on the overall story and to highlight any areas that needed help with grammar and typos. She did a great job. She was professional and she got the work done before our agreed upon deadline.

  • K. Armstrong

Ph.D. Dissertation

I was so stressed about my dissertation for my Ph.D. Christina took the time to read every word, and her feedback put my mind at ease. She’s professional and she’s really nice. She pointed out some things that were ultimately easy to fix, but her feedback and reassurance helped me through a challenging period of my academic career. I will always ask her opinion in the future if I ever need a second pair of eyes. Big thank you!

  • A. Leigh Schneidewent