‘Write to Change Your World’ is an Intuitive Journaling Workshop.

Are you struggling with repetative patterns or feeling stuck in areas in your life?

Are you hoping to reignite a hobby or skill you enjoyed ‘Once Upon A Time?’

When was the last time you took time to honor you and your creative sparks?

This is a 1-hour workshop during which we’ll use creative writing tools to help you expand your intuition.

By doing this, we will open your channels of creativity and personal awareness.

Who is this workshop for?

If you have a desire to answer questions for yourself, overcome challenges with more ease, and experience a deper connection with your own intuition and soul voice – this workshop is for you. You don’t have to be a writer to benefit.

What You’ll Receive:

 A 1-hour LIVE workshop (online from your computer or phone) with me which includes:

– guided meditation

– workbook you can download and keep to use anytime

– video recording of the workshop

– during the class you will be able to chat and ask questions

This is a live online workshop. Upon registration, you’ll receive the link to our private online meeting room. At the time of the workshop, you will use the link in your registration email to sign into the online meeting room and enjoy the workhsop. This is a LIVE class and you will be able to ask questions during the live broadcast.

Why should you take a workshop from me?

Before becoming a freelance writer, I was a professional costume designer for live theatre. When I decided to change my career, I went through a period of depression and anxiety for 2 years. I struggled to overcome a lot of my personal baggage and recreated my life. Now, I am a published author and creative writing facilitator. I am happier and have more peace inside. The tools I share in this workshop is a process I’ve used for several years, and from it I wrote my book. I understand struggle and hardship, and I am in the process of actively recreating my own life. I do not offer guidance or tools that I do not do myself. It’s my dream to help others eliminate their own hardhsip and struggle. I rejoice is helping people live their best lives.



What People Are Saying…

“The time I spent with Cristee was powerful. Not only was I able to get in touch with my creative side, I was also able to release some deep-seeded beliefs that were holding me back. In the days after the retreat, I have become more open, lighter and more full of joy. Thank you, Cristee, for creating such a beautiful experience for me.” – Laura

 “I felt our time together was refreshing. I can’t stop looking at the things I wrote down! The day after our workshop, I had several new opportunities open up for me in my business.” – Michele

“This was wonderful. I needed this time to get back in sync with myself. I feel much clearer and more on track.” – Mae