Update for February! 

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I’m offering my “Write to Change Your World” workshop online – February 18, 2017 

For more information and to reserve your spot, visit the event on my Facebook page


About the Workshop

‘Write to Change Your World’ is an Intuitive Journaling Workshop.

What is Intuitive Journaling?
Intuitive Journaling will help you clear out your past, and begin the healing process. This workshop will expand your energy and open the channels of writing and creation for YOU – even if you are not a writer. Learn how heart-based journaling will help you answer questions, overcome challenges, and experience a deeper connection with your own intuition and soul guidance.

What to Expect:  This is a one-hour workshop during which we use guided meditations, journaling exercises, and discussion to connect to a deeper place of creation. Participants will receive a handout with the tools and process used in the workshop for further exploration. This workshop can be facilitated live in person or online, with individuals or in groups. For pricing, more information, or to book your workshop, please email me at mycirclegame@outlook.com and write “workshop” in the subject line.

I can’t wait to work with you!