Eczema, Humility, and Strength

Eczema, Humility, and Strength

My son arrived in the world three weeks earlier than expected, but he was healthy. He was also a happy baby: affectionate and funny, and almost always in a good mood. His personality didn’t even change when, at three months old, he developed a rash on his cheeks. At first, I thought the rash was [...]

Our KonMari Journey: Clothes

Our KonMari Journey: Clothes

I posted a few days ago about why we chose to complete the KonMari method in our home. We've made it through the clothes, which is the suggested first step. Here are some takeaways from our process. I also want to offer some suggestions on how to handle getting rid of your no-longer-loved items in [...]

He and I

He adds items to our luggage after I think we are finished packing for a trip. I say we won’t need it. I say we should pack light. I always say that. I tire easily when preparing for a trip. My excitement usually peaks, then crashes into irritability and fatigue right before we start to [...]

Your ideas matter

This is a funny but true reminder to never give up. If you have an idea, it’s because it needs to be in the world, and you’re the person to share it. Sending you all the “I can do this!” vibes. #mycirclegame #goodideas #inspiration #creativitymatters #youmatter #dontgiveup #shareyourwork #shineyourlight

Why we do what we do.

I received this message from a teacher who purchased my book. Here’s what she said:   “Each of my students planted a helping hand and shared how they would help or use their hands! I typed each use! It was very beautiful! I look forward to the other senses! An amazing book! I will, one [...]

What talents do you have?

Do you have a copy of my children's book "Your Hands Can Change The World!" Did you know that I also offer an educational resource full of activities to deepen and extend the lessons in the book: "Use Your Hands to Share: Exercises for Hearts & Hands." Are you an educator, group leader, home-schooling parent, [...]