Thank You, Half Price Books!

I had an in-store book signing at Half Price Books in Dallas on Sunday. I’m excited to share some of the pictures, and share a little about the fun experience.

Many bookstores will host book signings for independent authors. Each bookstore is a little bit different – some take a portion of your sales, some offer your book on consignment, and some will simply host your event for free. Half Price Books is a great opportunity because it doesn’t take a portion of the profits from what you sell, and you get to sell your books directly. You don’t have to get your book into their inventory or do sales through the cash register. Also, the location I was at is a high-traffic location, and I was there at prime time on a Sunday. I feel it was a successful day, and I am truly appreciative to Half Price Books for hosting me. I had a great experience.

Thanks to everyone who came out. I have just a few copies left, so if you’ve been thinking about grabbing your signed copy, be sure to purchase it here at the special author price.

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book cover screen shot


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