The trouble with Girl Scouts

Last week my daughter started a new camp with her Girl Scout troop. I usually share my daughter’s excitement about camp. She and I have fun getting everything ready for her to attend, and she’s perpetually exuberant about the new friends she makes and the fun she has. But this time, I felt challenged about [...]

Shiny Sparks: Dakotah Hale

This is the fourth installment of the new blog series, 'Shiny Sparks.' Today we hear from lifestyle blogger, Dakotah Hale. Here's her take on maintaining inspiration. _____________________ "What Keeps Me Inspired" I am surrounded by inspiration all around me. From the feather that I spot on the street to the birds flying in the sky. [...]

How I published a poetry book for $2.45

I've dreamed of writing a poetry book for a long time. When I was a kid, my favorite books were the rhyming ones. Authors like Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss were able to build bright and imaginative worlds in just a few stanzas. I remember giggling as I tried to read Dr. Seuss' tongue twisters out [...]

Monkey Business: My experience being part of a live storytelling show

In February of this year I had a new opportunity as a writer that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Oral Fixations: An Obsession with True Life Tales is a live storytelling show. Each version of the show has a theme, and the producer carefully curates stories from 8 people who have a [...]

Low cost ways to market your book

Low-cost ways to market your book I self-published a children’s book in July of 2017 and so far, it has been a positive experience. Learning about the process of publishing a book was priceless, and I’ve had fun meeting my readers. One of the challenges I’ve faced is in the area of marketing. I’ve learned [...]

The blessing in losing my job 3 days before Christmas

On December 22, 2018 I woke up later than normal. I looked at my phone to see it was already 9:45 am. I could hear my family in the other room, laughing and playing a game. My husband had let me sleep in. The second thing I noticed, however, was a text message from my [...]

Our Daily Schedule for a Sane Summer

Each year as the summer season approaches, I find myself with a mix of emotions. On one hand, I’m excited to see my children grow up. I’m reflective about the changing of season and new energy. The summer season offers an easier schedule without early mornings and the obligations of the school year. On the [...]