My Favorite Online Parenting Resources

One of my motivations for starting a blog about spiritual parenting is my desire to create a “village” the best way I know how. Let’s face it – parenting is a really hard job! It’s the most rewarding, fulfilling, and blessed opportunity, but it doesn’t come with an instruction manual and sometimes it can feel pretty stressful. I also believe that it’s never too late to learn new tools. Overall, I enjoy the process of transformation on the journey to living my own best life – I just need the tools to help me do that.

I’m excited to share a short round-up of two of my favorite online resources for parenting.

My Favorite Online Parenting Resources

P.S. In my case, “spiritual” means approaching life with the principle that everyone should be treated with basic human dignity, that there is a bigger purpose to our life, and that we can transform anything we want to with a little bit of effort and determination.

So, without further ado, here are two of my favorite online parenting resources.

Positive Parenting Solutions

Amy McReady has created a fantastic and thorough parenting course. The origin of her program and her personal mom story is relatable. Like many of us, she spent a lot of time yelling at her kids, struggling with discipline techniques that actually worked, and had some serious self-doubt as a mom. She took a lot of classes, started putting what she learned to use, and created her course Positive Parenting Solutions.


I’ve been slowly working through the course for about a year now, and I can affirm that it’s extremely helpful. This program is grounded in reality and offers practical, step-by-step tools you can put to immediate use in your family. My biggest take-away is that the tools are largely based on principles of basic human dignity and practicing fairness in each interaction. In my family’s case, we’ve decreased our yelling and are slowly but surely building a new method of successful communication in our family.

The program offers several levels of membership. We chose the Silver Level and pay the monthly payment option. One of the best features is that she offers lifetime access to the course, so if your life gets busy, you can always go back and pick up where you left off. We enjoy the workbooks because they deepen each lesson module, and focus in a deeper way on our personal responsibility as parents.

If you’re looking for positive, encouraging, and effective methods to improve your parenting skills, I highly recommend Positive Parenting Solutions.

Spirituality for Kids

Another fantastic program is Spirituality for Kids. It focuses less on discipline and communication techniques and more on providing children with the bigger picture of life. While this program has a strong spiritual focus, it contains universal wisdom that is applicable for all faiths and creeds. If you’re not particularly religious (we aren’t) but are looking for something that will help your children understand the purpose of our life and how we can navigate life’s challenges, this is a wonderful resource.


Spirituality for Kids is designed with short video lessons that you watch together with your children. After each video, you can take advantage of the exercises provided as a way to deepen the lessons. This is a child-centric program that you would do together along with your children and is recommended for ages 6-13. There are two levels of the program, and you can progress at your own pace.

To find out more about Spirituality for Kids or to enroll in the program, be sure to check out the website.

My Favorite Online Parenting Resources

Do you have a favorite parenting website or online program that helps you? Please share in the comments.

*Some of my blog posts contain affiliate links, but this one doesn’t. I have endorsed these programs because they have made a positive impact on my family and I want to share them.



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