Shiny Sparks: Adriana Morales

A few months back I posted a weekly article series about inspiration in which I explore what keeps us connected to our creative spark and how we maintain a lifestyle that is generative and fulfilling. This is one of my favorite topics of discussion. I love learning about how people I admire are inspired, and it is one of the ways I maintain my own creative energy.

This week, I am re-launching my article series on a bi-weekly basis. To kick things off, I’ve asked my friend, Adriana Morales, to share what keeps her inspired. Adriana is a gifted massage therapist, meditation instructor, and spiritual seeker. Here’s what she had to say when I asked about what keeps her inspired.


What Keeps Me Inspired


It’s hard to find the line separating my personal life from my business. I am a massage therapist and for me it’s a lifestyle. I live to help people heal through therapeutic touch. I believe for this to be my purpose. It is said, find what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Totally. This is my passion. Inspiration is absolutely necessary to continue enjoying life.

When one is receptive, inspiration can come in any shape, at any time. Through a song, YouTube video, book, through nature, or a morning routine. I have one of those! (and it’s long by some people’s standards). All those things are great.

It is also a sense of wonder that keeps me inspired: wonder and imagination.


Part of my nightly routine, before falling asleep: I like to create this little movie of the day ahead in my mind. My days in these movies are perfect. It starts with appreciation for things/people/situations in my life. I imagine I drink my cup of tea while reading a book, I capture the feeling of having all the time in the world! Drive to the massage studio with no traffic. Sometimes the imagination takes me to Paris on a first class flight. I aim for capturing the feelings of all my activities in my movie. Feel it in my body. It shifts my vibration. It feels great!


I wake up the next day inspired to have a great day, to be a better person, to be present.

All this gets reinforced when a client tells me at the end of the session, that they’re no longer in pain or no longer considering surgery, that the massage sessions have made a difference in their lives for the better.

And I do it all over again!


Since graduating from SHC in 2014, Adriana has worked in spa settings as well as therapeutic/medical settings. Adriana opened her business in 2015. Her favorite therapeutic modalities include myoskeletal thechniques, NMT, Thai massage, cranioSacral, polarity, MLD, and biomagnetic therapy. With over 12 years of experience, Adrian experienced a positive impact in her own life and was inspired to share it with others. In addition to her massage therapy work, Adriana became a meditation instructor and has been offering meditation classes, vibrational therapy and breathing techniques, which are the perfect compliment to any bodywork sessions (and her dedicated client base agrees!). One of her passions is in connecting emotional stress to the physical aspect of pain and how by bridging these two points, we can successfully address the body as a whole. Adriana is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. To learn more about Adriana or to book your personal session, visit

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