Shiny Sparks: Adriana Morales

A few months back I posted a weekly article series about inspiration in which I explore what keeps us connected to our creative spark and how we maintain a lifestyle that is generative and fulfilling. This is one of my favorite topics of discussion. I love learning about how people I admire are inspired, and it is … Continue reading Shiny Sparks: Adriana Morales


Random Acts of Kindness

I don't know about any of you, but I feel like the summer season is flying by. I was taken aback when I looked up from my life this week and realized that we're already halfway through the year. This year has had it's ups and downs for my family, but overall, 2019 has been … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness

No Takebacks

“I’ll trade you my Barbie for 2 of your My Little Ponies.” “Ok, but you can’t have Twilight Pegasus.” “Well you can’t have Barbie and The Rockers, just one of the regular ones.” “Ok.” “Ok.” “No takebacks!” My sister and I championed this phrase. It was our secret handshake. Then, when we were older: “I … Continue reading No Takebacks

Shiny Sparks: Dakotah Hale

This is the fourth installment of the new blog series, 'Shiny Sparks.' Today we hear from lifestyle blogger, Dakotah Hale. Here's her take on maintaining inspiration. _____________________ "What Keeps Me Inspired" I am surrounded by inspiration all around me. From the feather that I spot on the street to the birds flying in the sky. … Continue reading Shiny Sparks: Dakotah Hale

How I published a poetry book for $2.45

I've dreamed of writing a poetry book for a long time. When I was a kid, my favorite books were the rhyming ones. Authors like Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss were able to build bright and imaginative worlds in just a few stanzas. I remember giggling as I tried to read Dr. Seuss' tongue twisters out … Continue reading How I published a poetry book for $2.45

Time-management tips I use to build my blog while being a full-time parent

When I first started blogging, I researched a lot of experts about workflow and time management. I certainly appreciate all of the information that is freely offered online, but after trying to implement so much feedback, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated. I was trying to fit myself into a formula that didn't work for me. … Continue reading Time-management tips I use to build my blog while being a full-time parent

What does My Circle Game mean?

When I started blogging 7 years ago, it was a casual outlet. I primarily used my blog as a place to document my experiences and basically get my feelings out in writing. Only a few people saw my work. I mostly shared it with family and friends, and even though I had a small audience, … Continue reading What does My Circle Game mean?

How selling our home taught us about community

In early spring of 2016, we made the decision to sell our home, move across the metroplex and go back to being renters instead of homeowners. It was not a decision that seemed logical to our family and friends. We lived in a suburban neighborhood near my husband’s job, and by all appearances our life … Continue reading How selling our home taught us about community

My Favorite Online Parenting Resources

One of my motivations for starting a blog about spiritual parenting is my desire to create a “village” the best way I know how. Let’s face it – parenting is a really hard job! It’s the most rewarding, fulfilling, and blessed opportunity, but it doesn’t come with an instruction manual and sometimes it can feel … Continue reading My Favorite Online Parenting Resources

This Morning I Woke

I am excited to share that I've published a small chapbook of poetry. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and while I do have another children's book on the horizon soon, I felt this little book calling to me so I created it. It feels exciting and scary to … Continue reading This Morning I Woke