Let’s Get Lost 

I woke up this morning with an intense feeling that I need to tell everyone I love that I love them. To shout it to anyone who will listen. To hug them tight for a period of time beyond our collective comfort zone. To sit together for a moment and not talk about the carpool or the groceries or the to-do lists.

We could sit side by side and not compare notes about politics or society or wars. We could just be – a lofty, spiritual concept forgotten since the days of iPhones and instant downloads. A lofty idea permitted only for those who have neglected adult responsibilities.

Do questions change the world?
Does love change the world?
Do hugs change the world?
Do protests change the world?

I woke up with lofty ideas about simplicity and unification and sincerity. I want to tell everyone I see that I love them, especially those who disagree with me, or me them.

I want to forget to check my iPhone, or be one second late paying a bill or answering a text because I’m lost in a hug or stargazing. I want to forget about opinions and being right and divisions between people.

Will my forgetting change the world?
Will we make it if we get lost in love?


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